Torremolinos drag show: Explore the colorful world in black and white


Photos by Julian Morris

Step into a colorful world and explore the personal side of it. You’ll see an honest and dynamic coverage of a drag show in Torremolinos, Spain. 

Every one of us lives in their bubble. That’s a fact. And sometimes you notice that, what’s common for you, is a whole new world for another person. German photographer Julian Morris experienced his very own new world in Torremolinos, Spain. As a cis hetero man he never really experienced the queer nightlife before. But he was ready to get to know his unknown, step out of his comfort zone and show this experience through his lens. 

The honest and dynamic photos give an inside look of a drag show at a gay hotel’s club, while setting the focus on the artists: Katrina, Coral, and Javi. With showing them in black and white Julian also points out the personal and emotional side of this colorful environment.

The photo series was selected for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2019 and shortlisted in the category Photojournalism/Editorial.