Label Portrait: Strong and feminine jewelry by Anne Manns


Text by Katharina Schneider

In our section „Label Portrait“ we focus on different fashion and accessory labels. They can be newcomers, long-established, delicate or outstanding – but they are all inspiring in their own way. This time we show you the special statement jewelry by Anne Manns.

At first glance, Anne Manns’ jewelry creations are looking like a contemporary piece of art. Soft twists, shiny structures and minimalist designs combined to make a fascinating entity. They convey a strong, feminine statement and are anything but ordinary. If someone has a knack for modern shapes and defined details then it’s her. 

Based in the North of Italy the designer is seeking her main inspiration from sculptural art, nature, and women in her environment. She knows how to surprise the heart of the wearer as well as the eye of the viewer with her work: “I consider my pieces to be delicate and minimal, yet eye-catching in their own subtle language. It’s important to me that my pieces stand out naturally [as] effortlessly striking, contemporary pieces. [I don’t want them to] only exist to complement a look”, Manns told the US Vogue. 

Without a doubt, you just need a simple basic fabric to mix with Anne Manns jewelry to get a complete, individual style. The products merge craftsmanship of goldsmiths and local businesses from Germany’s capital with an innovative technical approach like 3D stitching.