Modern menstruation: No more bad blood

Nope, speaking up about menstruation is not a taboo, neither is having it. So let’s keep the bloody talk going. This time we want to focus on two brands from females for

How to take action against systemic racism

The #BlackLivesMatter movement is thankfully trending now but all of us need to understand that anti-racism isn’t a trend. So let’s stand together, let’s keep the discussion going while finding ways how

In this together: Buy art to show solidarity

Solidarity has always a great importance but especially in these challenging times it needs creatives measures. With its new project the foundation Between Bridges shows a great example of how it can

New mindset wanted – the future of fashion

It comes with no surprise that COVID-19 also leaves its marks in the fashion industry. But long before the global crisis, one thing was already certain: There has to be a change.

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