The purity of the first love – A short film by Meicen Meng


Short film by Meicen Meng

A story that is focusing on two teenage boys in a small fishing village in China and capturing purity, excitement and the agony of love. Watch the online premiere of the short film “Beyond The Green Mountain” here.

What we were taught when we grew up and what has always been shown in the media might not add up to our true point of view. In fact, it never told the whole truth because there is not one universal reality for everyone. Meicen Meng is one of those visionairies that try to deconstruct and challenge those pre-existing social constructs such as femininity, masculinity or the heteronormative tradition of romance. So the queer, non-binary, Chinese-born filmmaker that is based in New York City tells stories that explore humanity and human connections without the restriction of labels. 


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Meicen’s short film “Beyond The Green Mountain” is about a teenage boy named Leaf who lives a quiet life in a fishing village in China and reunites with his childhood friend Qing Chen, who returns for one summer. While the viewers can almost feel their friendship turning into love as they were there with them, the portrayal is pure, no need for Hollywood storylines, just honesty. 

Meicen Meng: Writer, director, producer, production designer, editor, colorist, title designer
Cristian Delvalle Caicedo: Director of photography
Xinyi He: Leaf
Jianan Yang: Qing Chen
Xiaojing Liang: Grandma
Xin Guan: Sound mixer
Runzhi Zhang: Assistant camera