“Eleven” editorial – exploring empathy within family structures


Photos & styling by Elli Brandauer
Model header photo: Elli Brandauer

How are empathy and solidarity related to the construct of family? See a personal visual project which reflects the appreciation of the dynamic one grew up in.  

The construct of family isn’t represented by only one established model. It can mean being related by blood as much as having a deep connection to someone, and it can most definitely have different impacts and involve different emotions. Stylist and performance artist Elli Brandauer grew up in an eleven person household, she is more precisely the oldest of nine children – and she explored what family means to her through an editorial named “Eleven” she shot and styled by herself, as a collaboration with young fashion designers from Vienna, Austria.

„Eleven” is an authentic and plain portrayal of Elli’s parents, who have been married for over 25 years, and her siblings. It’s her personal reflection of how showing empathy and solidarity towards her family has been strengthened over the years, how feelings like embarrassment in her childhood changed to appreciation in her adulthood.

Clothes by Hvala Ilija (Maria, David, Theresa, Lukas & Simon, Maja, Matthias), Meltem Calisir (Magdalena, Noemi, Maja, Elli), Alessandro Santi (David, Tabea, Lukas & Simon), Daniel Raycsanyi (Lukas & Simon), and stylist’s own

This article is part of the GASH theme series „Values on the rise: Empathy and solidarity as the basis of unity“.