“The street gave me flowers, I brought them to the park” – photos from Berlin

Photos and words by Dante Bardo

Photographer Dante Bardo handed out flowers in a park and visually documented the situation, which reflects empathy and solidarity in a pure form as an act of kindness. A beautiful experience for the person behind and the people in front of the camera. See the whole photo series here.

This was another life. Walking the streets with a canon. Listening to the world. The street gave me flowers. I brought them to the park. I asked to take photos.

There was water. There was static. You can see in each frame. People living a day. Interruption or intervention. You can see in each frame. 

Berlin, 2016
For inquiries please write Dante Bardo: plainsightstudio2020@gmail.com

This article is part of the GASH theme series „Values on the rise: Empathy and solidarity as the basis of unity“.