A moving memory from Nepal – Photo series about an exceptional journey

Photos by Zach Fratella

Memories last a lifetime, they say – and some of them need to be shared. That is why photographer Zach Fratella opened his archive and shows a special photo series from a very exceptional journey to Nepal.

It was 2016 when Fratella worked as a studio assistant for the well-known photographer Steve McCurry. While he retouched his mentor’s work from all over the world, he couldn’t keep his eyes off certain photos from Nepal. Name it destiny, but Fratella decided to quit his job and discover the small country on his own.

When he arrived, he saw a place that was still in the process of recovering from a very devastating earthquake. Some people had to live in makeshift tents because their homes were destroyed. After what they had been through, he nevertheless saw hope, cohesion, strength, even happiness. Strangers treated him like family. He as a foreigner, as a westerner was welcomed with open arms. While the locals were struggling on their own, they fed him and made him homemade rice wine. The purity of these souls is what you can see in the photo series.

Looking back Fratella says: “I discovered that Nepal has an energy like no place I had ever been before. Tourists go to Nepal mostly for the mountains and trekking. They return for the people.”