Modern menstruation: No more bad blood


Text by Carina Parke
Photo by Monika Kozub

Nope, speaking up about menstruation is not a taboo, neither is having it. So let’s keep the bloody talk going. This time we want to focus on two brands from females for females that are part of shaping the era of modern menstruation.  

Have you ever heard about a period of time when women didn’t have their periods? Yea didn’t think so. It’s just how our body works, the most natural thing – though here we are in 2020 still trying to remove the stigma that’s stuck on menstruation like glue. I mean, there were a lot of connotations (positive and negative) that came with female bleeding over time. Did you know that period blood was seen as toxic in certain areas until the 20th century? People really thought it could spoil food. Or in the middle age and renaissance menstruation was regarded as a negative process that indicated the inferiority of the woman. And not to mention that the people researching menstruation were only men. 

As often, history didn’t make it easy to break out of the crystal bowl full of prejudices and ignorance. But it seems we are at the beginning of a new era that we like to call the modern menstruation. An era where people finally talk openly and shamelessly about the blood that is coming out of our vagina. Where we don’t have to hide a tampon on the way to the bathroom or and don’t have to explain that we are moody because of PMS for the 25th time. And we certainly don’t have to fight for our period to be seen as something totally normal. Because it just is.

“One Girl One Cup” sets the record straight

Long story short, it’s always refreshing to see how the conversation proceeds – especially on social media. One certain brand for organic period and postpartum products caught our attention these days. Because The Female Company took things to another level when they published the first “real” tutorial that shows you how to use a menstrual cup and gives instructions on the best position and folding techniques. And when we say real, we mean it. Because the three videos with activist Lina Bembe that go under the name of “One Girl One Cup” are two things: educational and uncensored. But since Instagram or Facebook and uncensored in connection with the female body don’t go together, the brand had to find another channel to publish it. And they were successful – with Pornhub. 

Photo: The Female Company

“Pornhub has been criticized for publishing inappropriate content that is freely available. Today, as this is our only platform available, we share a piece of content that we believe is appropriate. Period education is everybody’s business and should be freely accessible,” explains Ann-Sophie Claus, founder of The Female Company, in a press statement. “We receive questions on how to use a menstrual cup on a daily basis. Most of the things can be easily explained, but when it comes to answering questions on how to best insert or remove it, we reach our communicative limits. It simply has to be shown.”

Period panties for president!

Oh, and when we are discussing modern menstruation, we also shouldn’t stop talking about ways how to deal with it. Next to tampons and panty liners the menstrual cup keeps gaining popularity. But what about people who aren’t feeling any of those products at all? Or women that have a very strong bleeding which requires some extra protection? Good news because there is an innovative and sustainable way to catch menstrual blood – hello, period underwear. The Berlin-based label ooia is the first German brand that ever offered them. Their products look like normal underwear but they have special skills. 

Photo: ooia

The period panties for example have a so-called magic membrane system that absorbs liquid and prevents it from leaking. At the same time, the surface is dry and bacteriostatic. So those panties can supplement or even replace traditional hygiene products for women. The best part is that you don’t have to throw them away – just wash and reuse them. Especially mother earth should be happy about the innovation for our monthly business because tampons and menstrual pads take centuries to decompose. 

Man, the era of modern menstruation does seem promising because it is finally led by women. I mean, when it comes to something only we go trough, we should be the ones in the forefront and decide what our body needs. So keep it coming, Ladies – literally.