The passage of time – a poetic reflection

Video by Rocio Gauna

Time doesn’t stand still and it leaves its marks in the course of life – physically and emotionally. Filmmaker Rocio Gauna dedicated herself to this subject and created an experimental video, which is a poetic reflection of the passage of time. 

The communication between different generations, between young and old, is often overshadowed by a number. But when we dare to overcome the age difference and start to truly listen, it will open new perspectives. So when filmmaker Rocio Gauna had an interesting talk with her neighbor Rosa, an older woman, it led to an inspirational and experimental video project. 

Rosa said: “We spend our lives waiting. There are 15 years of party, then we marry, have children. And now that I’m a widow, I just wait for death.” It was a strong, yet vulnerable revelation. Pure honesty between balance and tragedy. 

For Gauna it was a trigger to understand what it might mean and feel like to wait for death when you’ve already lived a long life – especially as a woman. She threw herself into research and created – under the curatorship of artist Carlos Trilni – the video “Inconstante. Adj. no estable ni permanente” (Inconstant, adj nor stable or permanent), which opens the door to an emotional experience.

Country of Production: Argentina
Directors: Rocio Gauna, Victoria Ferrari
Choreography: Ayelén Aranea
Dancers/actors: Alicia Labraga, Irma Tiraboschi, Mirta Calza Citin, Elsa Bósoclo
Camera: Victoria Ferrari
Editing: Rocio Gauna, Victoria Ferrari
Sound: Rocio Gauna
Music: Marina Cifrodelli